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    About WAA

    WORLD ARTS AUCTIONS is a new platform specifically developed for collectors.

    We focus on offering authentic artworks from Africa, Oceania, Americas, and Asia for sale through auction in all price ranges.

    Drawing upon the expertise of Jo De Buck, we absolutely guarantee the authenticity of every artwork we offer.

    All items purchased through World Arts Auctions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Worldartsauctions.com is more than an online sales website.

    Our office on 43 rue des Minimes, in the heart of the Sablon art district of Brussels, is open by appointment to potential sellers and collectors.

    The human dimension of the process of collecting is truly important for us. As an intermediary between collectors, we promote encounters between collectors and help each of them develop their particular collections according to their financial means.

    At the start of each auction, you will be invited to preview the material at our Brussels office, where you will have the opportunity to meet other collectors, make connections, and share experiences.


    The WAA Team

    Jo De Buck

    Auctioneer and Expert in Tribal Art Founder of World Arts Auctions

    Jo is a dealer of international repute based in the Sablon district of Brussels.

    For more than 20 years, he has exhibited and provided expertise for the major tribal and antique art shows around the world, including Parcours des Mondes (Paris), BRUNEAF (Brussels), and the Tribal and Textile Arts Shows (San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York).

    He is recognized in his field of specialization both by colleagues and collectors, and has always placed an emphasis on authenticity and how to recognize it. He is still an active dealer and is a specified expert for several courts in Belgium.

    You are welcome to contact him for advice on objects or curating your collection. He speaks French, English, and Dutch.

    Email: info@worldartsauctions.com

    Direct Phone: +32(0)475 84 17 29




    Frederic Cloth


    Frederic is a renowned developer of database and complex online data processing for the arts.

    He’s also passionate about the art itself and has been a key figure in the creation of the Yale Archive of African Art.

    Email: bawumbu@gmail.com


World Arts Auctions Terms and Conditions