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    Buy or Sell

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    Finding THE Object You’re Looking For

    World Arts Auctions helps you enjoy the pleasure of finding new objects for your collection—artworks that are authentic, beautiful, and in all ranges of prices.

    Discretion and privacy are fundamental to us. The sale results will never be made public, and only the bidders have access to them.

    Bidding on the objects you like has never been so easy and secure.

    Thanks to our user-friendly website, you can follow multiple lots being offered at auction and bid from your computer or your mobile phone from virtually anywhere.

    You will be notified instantly by email of each bid placed on your selected pieces.

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    Selling on worldartsauctions.com

    Do you want to sell some of your objects online?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email (info@worldartsauctions.com) or by phone (+32 (0)2 512 55 16).

    We are always looking for attractive and authentic objects in every price range.

    For us, there are no “small objects.” There should be something for every collector on WAA.

    WAA offers the best exposure for your pieces by posting them on our website as well as alerting potential buyers through social media platforms such as Facebook. We also stage private viewings at our Brussels office and through private online chats.

    A 10% commission will be deducted from the hammer price for each lot.

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    How Does It Work?


    You must register on our website in order to bid and to follow any lots you may be interested in.

    You will be asked to enter your complete contact information as well as a valid credit card number to guarantee your bids.

    Follow the lots you want

    You can select as many lots as you wish and follow their bids as they are placed, as well as be able to bid at any moment.

    Ask for a private viewing

    At any time during auction, don’t hesitate to ask for a private viewing at our office on 43 rue des Minimes. For those who can’t make the trip to Brussels, just ask for a Skype viewing!

    Bidding is a commitment

    Bids cannot be withdrawn and each bid you enter will be considered a binding act of purchase

    Reserve price

    The reserve price (minimum selling price) is not public, but a notification will appear on the lot page as soon at it is reached. If bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price, the lot will not be considered sold.


    You can bid manually by indicating a bid that is equal or higher to the next bid indicated by the system (10% above the previous bid). You can also place an automatic bid. Just indicate the highest price you are willing to pay for the lot and the system will place new bids in standard increments against each new bidder. The first bid will always reach at least the reserve price if your bid is equal or higher to it.

    You’re the top bidder

    You will be instantly notified by email and on your account page if you are the top bidder for a lot.

    You’ve been outbid

    When another user places a higher bid than yours, you are instantly notified by email and on your account page, and you can immediately place a higher bid.


    Timing for WAA is set to CET (Central European Time). The clock is always viewable at the top of the lot window and the time remaining time to place a bid is clearly indicated. Note the closing time so as not to miss the end of the auction. During the last 5 minutes of an auction, each new bid extends the auction closing time by 5 minutes.

    Winning the auction

    If you are the last one to place the highest bid, you will win the lot.

    Buyers’ premium

    A 25% buyers’ premium will be added to the “hammer price” (the highest bid at the end of the auction)


    If a lot is not sold through bidding before the auction closing time (whether no bids were placed or the reserve price was not reached), the lot will immediately be placed in the aftersale for a period of 3 days. In the aftersale, the lots are sold through the “Buy Now” system (no Buyer's premium on the Buy now price). Be the first one to click on the “Buy Now” button and you’ll get the piece you want! You can also make offers that will be discussed with the owner of the piece. A 25% Buyer's premium is due on the offers.

    Completing your purchase

    You can pay your purchase by bank transfer or credit card. WAA will contact you after the sale to organise payment.

    Shipment of purchases

    Only paid lots will be sent to the buyer. WAA uses the Belgian Post (Bpost) to ship items. You have the option to pick up your lot in person at our Brussels office (within a timeframe of 3 weeks after the auction) or to use a different shipper. All shipping costs are at the buyer’s expense.
World Arts Auctions Terms and Conditions